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We Tried Maxing Out Our Cheap Aston Martin V8 Vantage On An Airstrip

We were invited to n exclusive event by the folks over at Cars & Chai, a 100% philanthropic car club focused on sports cars and supercars. They secured a local airstrip for a day and we got the chance to throw our Aston Martin V8 Vantage down it for a chance at a top speed! How fast did we go? I also found out that my Aston sounds INSANE at wide open throttle.

Vroom Vroom Room | Cars & Chai - Land & Air Event

Cars & Chai, a car club consisting of members with EXTREMELY expensive high performance exotic cars invited the Vroom Vroom Room to spend the day with them at their Land & Air Event.

Anytime we get to hang out, enjoy free food from Churroland, watch supercars fly up the runway while surrounded by private planes... WE'RE ALL FOR IT!

Midnight Run To The Race

Cars&Chai - Land and Air Event Highlights

1980's Super Car Race

Cars & Chai 2018 Cocktail Event

New Amsterdam 1.27.18

Ferrari California

911 Turbo and 4.0 GT3 in NYC

McLaren night run (S’MorcLaren)

C&C Autumn NYC Run

Midsummer Drive And BBQ

C&C Midsummer Get Together