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We Tried Maxing Out Our Cheap Aston Martin V8 Vantage On An Airstrip

We were invited to n exclusive event by the folks over at Cars & Chai, a 100% philanthropic car club focused on sports cars and supercars. They secured a local airstrip for a day and we got the chance to throw our Aston Martin V8 Vantage down it for a chance at a top speed! How fast did we go? I also found out that my Aston sounds INSANE at wide open throttle.

Vroom Vroom Room | Cars & Chai - Land & Air Event

Cars & Chai, a car club consisting of members with EXTREMELY expensive high performance exotic cars invited the Vroom Vroom Room to spend the day with them at their Land & Air Event.

Anytime we get to hang out, enjoy free food from Churroland, watch supercars fly up the runway while surrounded by private planes... WE'RE ALL FOR IT!

Cars&Chai - Land and Air Event Highlights

1980's Super Car Race

Cars & Chai 2018 Cocktail Event

New Amsterdam 1.27.18

Ferrari California

911 Turbo and 4.0 GT3 in NYC

McLaren night run (S’MorcLaren)

C&C Autumn NYC Run

Midsummer Drive And BBQ

C&C Midsummer Get Together


Cars & Chai at Greenwich Concours